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Task Master

Time is a Costliest Commodity that is Short In Supply Today. Using Task Management Software, Utilize Your Resources to the Fullest.

Task management software gives you everything you need to create team projects, assign and schedule tasks, and track progress, location, completion and make sure that. Customizable according to your business and requirements.

Task Management

Milestones, task lists, and tasks help you organize complex activities into easy and manageable. The software is used to add tasks with task details such as task description, priority, completion date, and assignee.

Places of Visit

Get GPS access and photography of the place when your employee is visiting to the place. Get updated with time management system to keep them busy always.
Track history, track record of individuals to review their performance time to time.
Track your employees visiting to places via GPS.

History of Operation

The software will save each and every history of operation time to time. Get accessible to the past data to review individuals performance any time.
The software should facilitate history of visit for employee with respect to the customers. At any point of time, admin should get list of employee visited for a company and an employee visits to list of company over a period.

Excel Download Option

Every activities of an employee is downloadable as Excel report.

Customers database.

Keep your customers database online and accessible only to one who will service them or visit to their place. Avoid accessing your customers database by all your employees.

Enquiry-Follow up System

Follow up all your customers details online. Enter their next follow up date, details, reason, and download the same in excel format.

Cloud Based Access On the Go

The application is designed to access from Web and mobile platform.
Get MIS reports on the fly. Management or Management representatives will get MIS reports at any time.

Profile Based

Every employee of our organization will have a profile for them. View their profile, access their tasks, timely completion of work, percentage of completion and intelligent start rating generated by the system.

Incentives and Group option

Options to set daily targets for individuals or group of people.

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