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The School Information System

School Magazine App is a simple, powerful application realizes your school magazine on Mobile phone, thus avoiding unnecessary printing of Magazine. Along with Magazine, get access to push notification, news and events.

  • Push Notifications

    Any notification from admin can be pushed to parents mobile. Class Wise, division, category or individual student option is provided.

  • E-Magazine.

    Create and distribute school Magazine as it is like a real one. A digital format of the magazine in PDF files. Using simple PDF uploading interface, you need to upload the document and selecting a cover page. The PDF files are transferred to the server with Magazine date, Edition number and description.

    The magazine pages are available in row and rack on number of recently published magazines at the top. Clicking on Magazines downloads the same. Once Downloaded, the PDF files are stored in system and which can be retrieved when needed.

    The PDF reader facilitates Zoom options where you can read Magazines in tiny devices as it is you are reading magazine.

  • Progress Report and Academic. (Available with Full Version of Sscholar)

    Progress reports and academics made available to parents easily. Using our Scholar Software connects parents, teachers and students under one roof.
    Options : Parents can view Homework or assignments given.
    Parents can view student attendance and reports.
    Parents can view Pending fees details.

  • Sports

    Information about sports, event, news are available in this. This is similar to Events.

  • Cultural Activities

    Information matching this from news, events will be displayed here. This is similar to Events.

  • Notification

    Any messages are sent in the form of notification. Push notification can be sent to parents mobile with information. Push notifications can be sent to a specific class, division or parents of particular students.

    One the push notification is hit from the server, it will be sent to the application immediately. The background app on mobile phone displays the same. If the messages are not delivered, it will be sent as SMS within 1 hour of Push Messages.

  • News

    School news, information media will be available under this category.
    Posting News : Posting news made easy.

  • Events

    Upcoming meeting, events, College Calendar is available under this.
    Posting Events : Admin will post the events by filling event title, event date, description and Photos of the title.

  • Terms

    All School terms and conditions will be displayed and made available to the parents..The terms can also be updated from Admin, or any other information can be added here.

  • Notice Board

    Parents will have direct access to notice board. When there is a update on noticeboard, it will be intimated to the parents via push SMS.
    Posting to notice board : Admin will post to the notice board, and delete existing notices.

What is SScholar ?

Sscholar iSchool is a supreme and ample School Management Software for Govertment Schools that covers each and every dimension of school.

Software interacts with administration, teaching faculty, students, parents, finance, transport etc. This software is also designed with respect to improve individual students academic performance.

The Sscholar iSchool ERP has been developed in the consideration of providing accessibility to the whole administration officials in an educational organization.

Why Sscholar ?

Total Administration of the School, which makes an interaction channel between student, parents and teachers.

Parents can view reports on attendance of their child, performance at studies or in co-curricular activities etc. They can take a look at the timetable, schedule of the week, reports on tests, exams etc.

Teachers can log into their account and get the most updated reports on students' attendance, their performance etc.

Students can check all their assignments, due dates, class notes and school events.

As people nowadays prefer more on phones and tablets these advanced features helps your Sscholar iSchool ERP with the added advantage to its accessibility.


Student’s Profile

Every student will have student profile, created by admin. It is a complete blueprint of the students performance and activities.

Student’s Performance

Access your performance in a single click

Student’s Attendance

Access your attendance in a single click


Student’s Profile

ETeachers can Access Every student's profile Online, to view their performance, view or update their attendance

Student’s Performance

Access Students performance on a Single Click

Access your Accounts

Access your accounts, leave, salaries, documents etc.

Interact with Parents and Students

Send messages and interact with parents and students.


Centralized Login

Parents can login to the system, where they can assess their childeren profile, accounts and assignment.

Parents can also send messages to teachers and Management, also they will get quick notification on students performance, attendance and any other message posted by teachers or management.

Staff Management & Exam

Add and manage staff details. Department, Attendance, Listing of All staff, along with the status(whether staff is online or offline)

Support for a variety of examination patterns and customized marking schemes.

Record marks in various activities and assigns optional subjects as per schools requirements.
Generation of report cards.

Messaging & Events

A messaging system for quick and easy communication between staff student and parent.

Creation of any type of event, along with the description to be given to any event.

Email integration for sending event notification to Parents, students or the Staff.


Maintenance of all the records in the format of pdf/jpeg etc.

Option to add the document which can be accessible to parent, student, PTA committee or any other, based on the assigned permissions.

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