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Bus Reservation System

We Specialise in Bus Portal

We have developed unique reservation system for Bus Reservation, addon for travel technology development. This Bus Reservation plugin can be integrated with your portal allowing your customer or travel agents to book bus tickets within India.

The portal can be integrated with Android and iPhone apps to enable your B2C customers to book tickets online. Enable your B2C customers to book tickets online and attract them with many more options like e-wallet, refer friend, instant bonus and more.

Bus Reservation system works on a online API software, which integrates with most of the operators in India. According to your requirements, even our API engine is capable of integrating with Red Bus, TBO etc.


We are one of the technical partner with Redbus seatseller API programme.


We have our own inhouse development India’s primary online travel group website.

Travel boutique Online:

Online: TBO provides bus booking API services which has been integrated with many of our portals.

The System

The system is integrated with bus search, seat select, booking, ticket, B2B and B2C.

Bus Search

The user or agent searches bus from Source - Destination. Your website will display available buses within this route.

Seat Select

Your customers will select seats they desire. Once they select seat, the next is selecting the boarding point.


Once the seat selection is done, your customer will enter their information for booking.


The B2B platform enables you to share your business with travel agent. This integrated platform enables you to enter commission and markup on each ticket they book.


The reservation system is integrated with our B2C platform enabling B2C booking system within the portal. This B2C system is having markup, commission.